Misoon Whang
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Misoon Whang

Artist Bio

Misoon Whang is a South Korean contemporary artist currently based in Naples, Florida. Ever since she was young, Misoon has been drawn to expressing herself through creativity. Early on it was clear that she had a natural talent and passion for art.

Misoon attended the N.C School of Arts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she majored in Visual Arts. She won the Hallmark Scholastic Awards three years in a row while she was at this school. It was during this time that Misoon honed and developed her craft and laid the foundations for the artist that she is today.

Following, this she relocated to New York City, where she studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cooper Union. While she was at this pioneering institution and living in the vibrant and dynamic big apple Misoon gradually discovered her artistic identity and distinctive style. After graduating, she worked for the artist, Allan McCollum where she gained extensive knowledge and experience in contemporary art industry traveling the world.

She has placed work in Great Hall of Cooper Union, A.T. Hun Art Gallery in Savannah, GA, Manatee Art Center, Visual Art Center Punta Gorda, Coco Art Gallery and private collections in Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Washington DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Ohio and California.

She is a supporter of Spaaces Foundation and former member of ‘Princeton Street Art’ group in Sarasota, FL.  She is also a member of Acrylic Painters USA. She belongs to the Naples Art District and shows at the Art Edge Gallery in Naples, FL.  She is represented by SH Modern based in Boston and Ft. Myers. She works with local interior designers and private clients creating commissioned art for various custom -built homes and office spaces.


Artist Statement

Throughout her rich and diverse career, Misoon has primarily focused on abstract visual art. Her mixed media work is a form of thoughtful extraction using endless color palette and textures that our surrounding offers: drawing out elements from aqueous vistas- rain, water, sky-capes, landscapes and other environment structures.  Her work strengthens and triggers our visceral rather than descriptive intellectual relationship to the viewer to inspire stories, feelings, emotions and memories in our lives.

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