Gaelen Hunte-Carollo
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Gaelen Hunte-Carollo

Artist Bio

Gaelen Hunte-Carollo is originally from the Caribbean Island of Barbados. Her childhood on the island gave her a love for rich and beautiful colors and stories that she brings to her art.

Her later childhood and subsequent upbringing was spent in the United States during which she developed a love for fashion and decorating. She recently moved to Naples where her love for art has grown, and life has given her the opportunity and freedom to explore different styles of painting.

Her work using a variety of media including oil & acrylics on canvas. Her style is contemporary, where she develops abstract and realistic images with an emphasis on layering & depth.

Artist Statement

I enjoy sharing my passion for the arts. As an artist, I find immense joy and fulfillment in expressing myself through painting. My artistic journey has evolved into a passion and dedication to honing my skills inspired by my love for my family, pilates & being kind.

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