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Carmen Villaronga

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Carmen Villaronga is a professional artist painter presently residing in Naples, Florida USA. She is also a freelance self taught photographer. The main themes in her work involve nature - birds,  landscapes, ocean scenes and life. Her paintings either in acrylic or oil display a contrast between light and dark by using colors and hues in a manner that gently calls for the viewer’s attention. Carmen’s works compel the viewer to experience emotions of wonder, joy, and serenity.

Carmen was born in Puerto Rico, but grew up in Newark, NJ where she was inspired by her 7th grade art teacher, Mrs. Allen, to become an artist. She studied fine arts at the University of Puerto Rico under the influence of artists such as John Balossi, Luis Hernandez Cruz, Rafael Rivera Garcia and Jaime Romano. (1967-1971)  Presently she attends Arturo Samaniego’s Studio in Naples Art Distrct.

After her studies at the University of Puerto Rico Carmen took a long hiatus from the arts to raise a family. During this time she attended Florida International University and St. Thomas Catholic University to become an academic educator.

Recently, Carmen has reconnected with her passion for painting in acrylic and oil. She is presenting her work in open venues and also accepting commissions. Some of her pieces have received recognition, sold, and been auctioned. She has exhibited with organizations such as United Artists of Collier, Marco Island Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs Visual Arts Center, Naples Arts, Rookery Bay Estuarine Reserve and Research Center, and AIR (Artists in Residence) at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Marco Island.

When not painting, out photographing, or traveling; Carmen can be found enjoying family time with her children and grandchildren. She lives year-round in Naples with her two dogs - Aly and Sophie.

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