Nathalie Garbani

Nathalie Garbani

Artist Statement:

On my website/portfolio page I described myself as an Art Explorer not only because I like to learn about and actively try new media, methods and techniques, but also because I would like to encourage others to use creative outlets to explore their heart and soul.

Artist Bio:

My professional background was centered for many years around healthcare (diagnostic imaging) and higher education. Arts and crafts; from doodling, drawing, painting, knitting, pyrography, pine needles weaving, copper wires sculpting (the latter 2 more recent addition), have always been an integral part of who I am, and great outlets to decompress from my day job.

I was educated in France from pre-K to High School, where Art is an integral part of the curriculum from 6th to 12th grade, with formal education one hour a week. I had the chance to have amazing art teachers who taught us the basics of composition, color, and most of all creativity.

Three years ago. my daughter and I decided to open a café and yoga/restorative movements studio. Our intent was to provide safe and inviting places for community, creativity and sustainability. This endeavor gave me the time and opportunity to expand my creativity, display my creations, and humbly inspire people through our monthly workshops.

I am grateful for my sister (a New York artist), my daughter and grandson, who believe in my talent and creations and have encourage me to find venues to get greater exposure.