Joel Shapses
Specialty Sculpture, Glass

Joel Shapses

Artist Bio

Shapses’ Award winning sculptures are prominently displayed in private collections and public venues throughout North America and Europe. The more, avantgarde statements that are made in the mixture of neon, led lights, metal, fused glass and stone media to elicit an excitement that occurs when the artist takes a quantum leap toward ingenuity. Whether realistic or abstract, the viewer's tactile senses are aroused with almost a sense of urgency to explore each form in greater depth than just visually.

Born in New Jersey, he has spent most of his life on the Eastern coast of the U.S. Having an inherent artistic gift, he began sculpting in a primitive way at the age of five. Much of his schooling concentrated on the sciences. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from C.W. Post College in 1967. It was during his studies here that famed sculptor and professor, Alfred Van Loen, recognized his talent. After college Joel then completed four years at Temple University where he graduated with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1971. 

Shapses traveled throughout the world at which time he acquired much knowledge about how and where various stones were quarried and how various civilizations had used them creatively throughout the centuries. 

Soon after his travels, he relocated to South Florida, which has remained his residence since 1972. Joel Shapses practiced general and cosmetic dentistry in the Ft Lauderdale area from 1972 to 2006 creating a dual career, dentistry and sculpture. Early on in his sculpting career, he worked under the same roof as famed sculptor Enzo Gallo.

From a period of over the fifty-five years Joel has exhibited in many shows and has won over seventy awards and is in collections in North and South America. While in Ft. Lauderdale Shapses owned an Art Gallery (Gallery 421) and created his works in his studio in Ft Lauderdale for over thirty years. To date he has completed over eight hundred works of art in glass,stone,bronze and aluminum. 

 In July ‘07 he moved to Naples and has since the opened a new studio  6201  Shirley St #16 and Gallery located at the Fairways Trade Village 6240 Shirley St Suite 102 in Naples, FL. 954.980.3156  

Gallery representation:

Saatchi Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca, London, UK

Singular Art,Berlin,Germany

TriCera art ,Tokyo,Japan

Artist Statement

As a sculptor inspiration comes from a variety of areas.  Various materials lead to an unlimited resource for ideas. I don’t like to limit my creativity to one material or style. I must flow with the muse of creation. If it is an abstract piece, then the media itself helps to guide me to the finished creation. Representational works have a special inspiration. That inspiration comes from the human or animal form. The materials still play a final role.

When working in stone the grain of the stone may not let me choose the final form, so I have to allow nature to help me achieve the final result.

Other materials help me in the creative process such as aluminum, bronze casting resins and magnets. The use of fused glass, neon and LED lights has led to new avenues of creative possibilities. Combining materials also creates new vistas of inspiration

All of my sculptures are created out of a vision given to me by the “muse” I allow it to inspire me to create the finished piece of work.

I create to delight, to interest, to provoke thought & to move & inspire.

- Joel Shapses

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