Karen McDaniel
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Karen McDaniel

Artist Bio

Karen McDaniel, a Naples-based creative, finds her artistic expression through photography, digital art, and acrylic painting. Since her teenage years, she's nurtured a passion for drawing and artistic endeavors. Following her retirement, Karen delved into photography, using it as a medium to capture the splendid birds, wildlife, and enchanting sunsets of SW Florida. Her photography evolved into a wellspring of inspiration for her digital art, paintings, and even children's books.In her artwork, Karen seamlessly weaves her imagination to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Beyond her primary mediums, she explores diverse artistic forms like small sculptures and jewelry making. Karen's exceptional talent has earned her recognition, including first place and an honorable mention in the 8th Annual City of Marco Island Amateur Wildlife Photography Competition.Beyond her personal pursuits, Karen has generously given her skills as a volunteer photographer for organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Naples Humane Society, and the Senior Friendship Health Center. Her work has been featured  in local newspapers and magazines. Also, in 2023, she was invited to participate in the Community School of Naples Earth Day event, where she read her children's book, “The Secret World ”, to Pre-K students.For those captivated by Karen's creations, her paintings and children's books are available for purchase at the Everglades Wonder Gardens in Bonita Springs. You can connect with Karen by email at Karden47@gmail.com for comments, inquiries, or commission requests. Additionally, stay updated on her latest artwork and photography on her Instagram page, Karen_Art&Photography.

Artist Statement

As a photographer and painter, I draw inspiration from the exquisite beauty of nature. My profound joy lies in imparting my unique perspective of the world to others, particularly to children. My creations aim to kindle feelings of astonishment, reverence, and ignite the spark of imagination within every viewer. It's my aspiration that my art acts as a catalyst, urging individuals to venture outdoors and discover the wonders that envelop them.

In my artworks, I strike a balance between realism and whimsy, reflecting my personal outlook on the world. When I immerse myself in painting, I primarily  use acrylic on canvas as my chosen medium.

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