About the School

“…an internationally acclaimed teaching faculty…”

Gulfshore Ballet is Southwest Florida’s premier not-for-profit school of Classical Ballet. The school has an internationally acclaimed teaching faculty and offers area students the unique opportunity to study with professional instructors of the highest caliber. The training at Gulfshore Ballet combines Cuban, American, and Russian technique and brings a quality of excellence not normally found outside major metropolitan cities.


Classical Ballet is one of the most beautiful yet arduous art forms. Time and commitment from both student and instructor are prerequisite to the realization of the true benefits of classical ballet. Correct instruction begun at the appropriate age is critical to the development of ballet dancers.

The developmental transformation of a young child into a self-confident artist is the most rewarding part of ballet training.  As the novice dancer pursues control over mind and body, the child discovers the true beauty of the art form.  Our philosophy is to develop and support each dancer’s personal goals as they develop throughout their programs of study.

Organizational Values
  • The qualities gained from the disciplined study of classical ballet are advantageous throughout life.
  • Beyond receiving ballet training of the highest caliber, Gulfshore Ballet students learn self-discipline, concentration, focus and creative expression—all of which serve to build character, confidence and a positive self-image.
  • Gulfshore Ballet strives to increase accessibility to classical ballet and to develop a stronger appreciation of classical ballet throughout the greater community.

We are Southwest Florida’s premier school of Classical Ballet.

Our Vision

The Gulfshore Ballet aims to continually expand the school of dancers through the inclusion of additional students, regardless of gender, ethnicity or personal circumstances.

Our Mission

The Gulfshore Ballet prepares students for professional dancing careers and promotes academic, athletic, cultural, and social growth.