In Collaboration with the Naples Therapeutic Riding Center

In collaboration with The Naples Therapeutic Riding Center, UAC will offer a residency/space for exhibiting artists to create new works. We especially want to offer this opportunity to artists who don’t have adequate space to create or those seeking new inspiration in an energetic setting. As an AIR, you’ll have access to the spaces provided by The Naples Therapeutic Riding Center to create your work and expand your artistry. Towards the end of your residency, a reception will be held to display and showcase your work or studies to the public.

Each AIR will be able to store their supplies/materials in a secure storage room at their leisure, although specific days/times for art creation are distributed by The Naples Therapeutic Riding Center and are subject to change due to their schedule. UAC is searching for ALL kinds of artists (3D, 2D, jewelry, performance, poetry, choreography, composition, culinary etc.)

The AIRs may also have the opportunity to also teach classes/workshops if they desire during their stay. Works created do not need to illustrate the environment that they’re in, but rather be inspired by it. Bask in the sun on the vast grounds, observe the urban wildlife, and tap into your inner creativity to enjoy this opportunity fully.


Deadline to submit: January 22nd, 2024

Start of residency: January 29th, 2024

End of residency: May 28th, 2024

Exhibiting begins: May 1, 2024

Reception: TBD

This opportunity is a member benefit for UAC member artists.
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Call to Artists