Lecture The Baker Museum presents Reflections on George Gershwin and Modern Art A conversation with Michael Feinstein Michael Feinstein, lecturer Courtney McNeil, host Early in his career, renowned performer Michael Feinstein spent six years working as an archivist for Ira Gershwin, and later became a close friend of the iconic lyricist. Feinstein would go on to become one of the most highly regarded interpreters of the music of George and Ira Gershwin, and published his insights into the Gershwins and their legacy in the 2012 book The Gershwins and Me: A Personal History in Twelve Songs. In conjunction with the landmark exhibition George Gershwin and Modern Art: A Rhapsody in Blue, Feinstein joins The Baker Museum Director and Chief Curator Courtney McNeil for a conversation about the Gershwins and their legacy. This presentation is part of the exhibition George Gershwin and Modern Art.