HIGH TIDE is thrilled to share a new gallery show called “Pop of Pink.” In part inspired by #BarbieSummer, and in part by the lovely pinks found in Florida nature and architecture, this show includes paintings with – you guessed it – a pop of pink. From bold feminine-forward hot pinks to soft pastel sunsets and florals, these paintings are sure to add a lovely accent to your existing contemporary decor.

HIGH TIDE is pleased to introduce the contemporary impressionist paintings of Manon Sander of Jupiter, Florida and Jan Ellen Atkielski of Fort Myers, both of whom are some of High Tide’s favorite workshop instructors. The show also features the bold and vibrant abstract paintings of Elaine Clarfield Gitalis, alongside the colorful realism of John Clarke and Dan Jensen, with the softer but no less beautiful colors of local plein air painters and pastelists, including Nancy Nowak, Eli Cedrone, Janet Iffland, Dianna Anderson, Ruthe Sholler and Betty Wentworth. As always, High Tide also offers larger seascapes, florals and abstracts of local artists, including owner Margie White and Douglas David, LeeAnn Lingren, Sylvia Pazolt, Sharon Rowland and Vicki French Smith.



High Tide is Open July and August on MTW, as well as by Appointment and Serendipity.

High Tide will be closed for the month of September.

If you would like to make an appointment, feel free to email Margie White at hightidestudio995@gmail.com.