Upon stepping into the Wild Garden exhibit currently showing the works of Jen Clay, Cynthia Mason, Luca Molnar, Grace Mikell Ramsey, and Anastasia Samoylova in the FGCU Art Gallery, the urge to create a performative response was overwhelming. Luckily, I happen to have an acting class focusing on the difficult challenge of embodying the Brechtian style of acting. I also had the good fortune of sharing a building with an open and collaborative Gallery Director in the person of John Loscuito who had worked with an equally adventurous member of the FGCU Music faculty, the brilliant Brandon Robertson who just happens to lead a tremendously talented student jazz ensemble. John, Brandon, and I talked about what an important opportunity it would be for our students to perform a dialog between the three art forms, so we set everything in motion to pull off an experiment I’m calling Monster Walks. A note on the text: the written work is a quilt. My words are the stiches, the patches belong to the following great minds: David Thomas, Vic Chesnutt, The Sparks (Ron and Russell Mael), Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Vladimir Nabokov, Nikola Tesla, Heiner Müller, Frank Wedekind, Georg Büchner, Jean Baudrillard, and Antonin Artaud. The title is a partial appropriation of the title song: Monster Walks the Winter Lake by David Thomas. The songs Florida and We Hovered with Short Wings are by Vic Chesnutt. —Barry Cavin