Lecture Four O’clock at the Movies Oppenheimer Artis—Naples Lifelong Learning Elaine Newton, Professor Emeritus of Humanities at York University, Toronto Christopher Nolan’s newest film, Oppenheimer, premiered this summer, selling out IMAX theaters all around the country — and it’s already generating Oscar buzz. Don’t miss the chance to get the full scoop from our resident film critic Elaine Newton, as she gives a lecture on this epic biopic about physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb. With his signature mastery of interwoven timelines, Nolan tells the story of Oppenheimer’s insatiable love for science, the devastating repercussions of his genius and the politicians who vie for power — all set against the backdrop of World War II. But this film is not just about science, politics and war — at its core, it is about the murky waters of morality in the face of mass violence and the gravity of one’s man’s guilty conscience. This presentation is part of Elaine Newton’s Four O’clock at the Movies series.