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Ying McLane

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Ying McLane is a contemporary realist oil painter live in Naples, Florida.Ying loves to intertwine realistic portraits within unusual and often abstract settings to appeal to viewers’ imaginations. She also enjoys exploring landscape art. Her landscape paintings combine realistic details with abstract light and shadow, inviting the viewers to discover new vantage points of the world around them.

Artist Statement

My very first memories of my childhoods art endeavor are drawing a woman’s profile on my grandma’s white wallpaper over and over again. I didn’t stop until I reached my ideal of perfection in my little brain. And that obsession never left me. As a right -brained child, I was always much more passionate about writing stories and making art than math or physics. My Chinese water color art has been exhibited throughout China and other Asian countries. But my artistic traits didn’t fit in with the traditional idea of “the right career path”. So I chose to work in the field of media after college. Life in media is busy but I always felt a void and longing of meaning deep down in my heart.

Not until years later, after I received a master degree in accounting in the US (God has a great sense of humor, wink, wink) , and met my husband in New York City, did I have the time and privilege to attend various art classes in the city. From drawing life models with pencil to painting models with luscious oil paints, I learned the foundation of classical painting. Finally, I could turn my childhood pencil drawing of portraits into vivid flesh and blood. My oil painting “ The girl with white turban” won a national reward in the second year of my study.

During the time I was studying art, my spiritual seeds also blossomed. Under my husband’s influences, I started attending church. My heart was opened and my Christian journey began. The Lord led me to focus on Him in all aspects of my life. I started a blog : mommyneedsgrace to share my spiritual journey and motherhood stories. My art and spiritual journey cannot be separated. They are intertwined to make me the unique Ying that I am today. God is the alpha master artist. All of my paintings and writings are the fruits of my spiritual tree which God planted long ago in that little girls heart. I have come to believe that our childrenhood passions are usually our destiny that we eventually turn back to. So I encourage you, dear friends, get to Know God and draw close to Him. He will patiently lead you to become the person He designed you to be!

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