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Vicky Tesmer

Artist Bio

International artist whose paintings, drawings and prints have exhibited throughout Europe, Africa, and USA. She is known for her large-scale murals executed throughout the United States along with her participation in public art projects such as seen in 35 countries. Classically trained at the Ecole des beaux Artes, Versailles, France, she took her skills and formed Tres Jolie Art, Inc., her decorative art company where she designed decorative environments for corporate, hospitality and residential clients. WWW.VICKYTESMER.COM

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Artist Statement

"The Earth is filled with the quantum beauty and energy of nature. Its frequency resonates with geometric patterns and manifests a vibration of light and consciousness. There is a perfect formation of alignment of the natural world. My work attempts to capture this phenomenon in the universe."

- Vicky Tesmer, a South Florida and Chicago artist.

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