Verve Game LLC

Verve Game LLC

Verve Game Skits is the new app, and game show, for short film production where players are the screen writer, the actor, and the director producing their own short stories and video skits.

Players receive 1 card from each category, Film Genre, Character, & Setting. Using those 3 cards and any props, costumers, co-actors, and effects, players must craft a short story, act out the skit, and produce their best short film, or live performance.

The game show is designed to boost exposure for players that are seeking more opportunity in acting or cinematography.

The app will begin in beta (phase 1), where players can play the game, get familiar with the rules, and learn how to craft their own short stories/films through practice and community feedback via social media and or direct messaging the Verve Game staff for tips, tricks, and feedback on how to improve their content production.

In phase 2, players will be able to apply for contests where they can earn gash rewards, gain exposure, and get recruited for Verve Game Specific Media production projects including, but not limited to, short films, featured series, music videos, and other video content production.

The app will be available on IOS & Android in April 2024.

Verve Games Vision:

Produce a media production company that can rival Netflix, Disney +, HBO, and other streaming services; and, provide greater growth & prosperity to the creatives who are truly essential for any successful organization and it’s growth in such a competitive era.

The founder, Anthony Seling the former Director of Marketing for an IT MSP, had always dreamed of becoming a well-known rapper, and or DJ, but struggled to find the support system he needed and the means of income to support his dream, thus takes this vision passionately in supporting other artists who feel the same.

“It’s challenging working a full time job, or sometimes multiple jobs, while building skills, maintaining your marketing and social media, and still having to produce high quality content without burning yourself out or giving up on your dreams all together. If there was a platform that motivated me to build the skills I needed, receive valuable feedback for quicker growth, and even the slightest chance and receiving monetization for my projects submitted to such a platform, I would have done it in a heart beat knowing that one day, I would prosper from the consistency and coaching alone. This is why I created verve game skits and this only just the beginning for my vision and OUR community”

-Anthony Seling

Phone Number: 734-812-1973. Email:

President, & Game Host

Verve Game Values:

“Teach me goodness, discipline, & knowledge with wisdom as the fourth pillar for aspiration.”