Ray Gallo
Location Naples
Specialty Painting

Ray Gallo


Born and raised on the near-south side of Chicago, just a few minutes from the Art Institute of Chicago, where Ray made frequent stops to visit some of the world’s most famous art. As a young man, Ray would sit at the dinner table with family on Sunday afternoons where he liked to sketch portraits of his relatives while conversation went on for what seemed like hours. Ray took his passion for art from the dinner table to the University of Illinois and then to the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago to study fine art
and graphic design, which prepared him for a long successful career in advertising, working with some of Chicago’s most prominent ad agencies as an art director and creative director.

Today, Ray’s two sons have picked up the baton and are currently enjoying careers in the ad biz. He and his wife Linda, also from the Chicago ad scene where they met, are currently living and painting in Naples, Florida.


Being an artist is an honor and a privilege that I owe to my supporters. They have given me the encouragement and inspiration to create art that not only challenges myself, but also the viewer. As an artist it is also my responsibility to constantly reach beyond what is expected of me, and into the world of Possibility, the concept behind my recent Tree series based on word play. My experience in the ad business has allowed me to think both visually and verbally through the creative process, currently defining me as a conceptual artist with the ability to create art that allows the viewer to experience humor, fantasy, or thought-provoking reality, and sometimes all in the same work. My most recent works are a clear example of this practice based on verbal associations. A natural extension of this process for me is graffiti, which has been the most challenging and the most rewarding of my experiences as an artist, It puts
me in touch with the issues and events affecting today’s human condition, allowing me to create work that can surely stir the blood, as well as the comfort zone.