Nelsa Bross
Specialty Floral, Nature

Nelsa Bross

Artist Bio

Nelsa Bross is the founder of NurturingU.  Nurturing U is a culmination of her passions;  people, nature, service and business.

Being born and raised in Africa, It was at a very young age that she experienced a very strong connection between the nature that surrounded her and the affect that it has in our lives, and her passion for both championing peoples individuality, their uniqueness and nature led her to create NurturingU were she use various tools to strategically find the best version of the person you were meant to be.

Instagram: @NurturingU @the_way_with_flowers

Artist Statement

I strongly believe that there needs to be balance between nature and our professional lives and - KADO - The Way With Flowers - is an extension of a therapeutic way of connection between flowers and the nature that is naturally found around us in order to create balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives with elegance and grace.

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