Mory Machado
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Mory Machado

Artist Bio

Mory Machado is an amateur photographer that has taken a simple hobby and transformed it into a place where anyone can escape from reality.  A journey dedicated to the pursuit of joy, passion, gratitude and appreciation for living in the moment. Her work surrounds landscapes, seascapes and wildlife photography.

Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with photography. However, I’m sure you can relate that when life gets in the way, your creativity gets placed on hold for a career, marriage, kids and more. Finally, one day you find yourself with extra time and you decide why not “escape from reality”. It took the pandemic to push me hard enough to find this passion again in my newly found free time. So, I bought my first professional camera. Since then, I immersed myself in photography tutorials and have never felt more liberated, creative, and passionate. Best of all, I regained the freedom to live in the moment. I hope you enjoy my photos and the stories they tell.  

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