Miyoun (Mimi) Leone
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Miyoun (Mimi) Leone

Artist Bio

I was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea. While studying the Fine Art in oil painting in the college, I felt the lack of life experiences and free flowing emotions to be an artist. I dreamt of entering the Seoul National University because it has been notorious for its most demanding selection process in Korea. I had never given a deep thought of becoming an artist as a means of living before entering the college. So, after graduating with the degree in Fine Art, I pursued a business career and enrolled in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at the George Washington University in Washington DC. After the graduation with an MBA, I started my family and started my career in Aviation Engineering Field.

During the 30 years of professional aviation career, I helped the US and foreign governments modernize their airports, air traffic control systems, satellite navigation systems, and national aviation research and development capabilities. I travelled extensively as I was responsible for all civil aviation projects in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

I enjoyed the rewarding, exciting, and demanding career. After 30 years of not painting, 2017—when I finally had some personal time—I started painting again. It was an absolute joy to return to who I always have been. However, with demanding career, I was not able to give myself fully to painting. The COVID 19 lock down was the biggest gift to my life. During the lock down, I learned that I lose myself for 18 hours a day painting every day and was overjoyed to wake up in the morning to continue. When we moved down to Naples fully time, I realized that I was ready to start my second career as an artist. I took the early retirement in 2022 to paint full time.

I have three grown up children living in Maryland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, I live with my husband in the Isles Collier Preserve in Naples, FL.

Artist Statement

I tell stories of peace, beauty, love, and mysteries in our lives through sceneries and abstracts. Through art, I reflect, become aware, heal, and explore mysterious and authentic self. I would like to connect with viewers by sharing my stories. I use oil, acrylics, pastels, and other mediums that are appropriate for each piece of artwork.

Seoul National University, Bachelor of Fine Art, graduated in 1985 The George Washington University, Master of Business Administration, Marketing, graduated in 1989

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