Michael Beard
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Michael Beard

Artist Bio

Michael studied oil painting while pursuing his BFA at East Carolina University in North Carolina. He served as the Executive Director of the internationally renowned Kirov Academy of Ballet for 17yrs., raising the school’s profile with dozens of gold and silver medals in international competitions. Upon retirement he pursued his passion for oil painting full time. He has exhibited in galleries throughout the US and most recently at Gallery One on 5th Ave. here in Naples. He has held one man shows, won awards, done commissions and has numerous paintings in private collections.

Artist Statement

Art is my way of expressing my deepest thoughts and feelings. Natural forms, brilliant colors and abstract imagery fascinate me. I like to use them to express emotions about current events, the awesome wonders of the natural world and anything else that moves me. The way oil paint feels and blends is very sensual to me and a big part of my love of painting. It creates a unique and unmatched vibrant color. My desire is to provoke thought and create beauty.

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