Maureen Golgata
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Maureen Golgata

Artist Bio

Living and working in Naples, FloridaI am a painter working in a fluid, emotive form drawn from abstraction and observation of the visual world. My work is led by an expression of the fragility of life, reflecting sublime moments with nature entwined with societal dynamics and tensions. The possibility of freeing oneself from misconceptions that isolate and imprison is of great interest to me. My painting express the dichotomy of life, foregrounding the contrast of beauty and light against darkness.

Artist Statement

Maureen Golgata's practice questions what it means to be human, and our role in the natural world. Her abstractions delve into intimate and vulnerable moments, memories, and emotions mined from life. Those experiences that define us as individuals, while uniting or dividing us as a society. Guided by the dichotomous essence of life, visceral applications of paint cradle layers of gestural drawings. These drawings become a powerful form of storytelling, while imparting nuances of the human experience. Influenced by the Expressionists, she is motivated by color and contrasting value relationships to provide sustenance to the emergence of light. Her poetically rhythmic and turbulent expressions point to an awakening of innocence from something darker.

Captivated by how we move through the natural world,  Golgata's style transitioned two years ago from classical realism to abstract expressionism.  She uses acrylic, oil, and mixed media elements to develop an expansive body of work that examines our connectivity to humanity, nature and soul.

Golgata's technical groundwork developed under Master Painter Paul Ingbretson, Manchester, New Hampshire, follows the teachings of The Boston School Painters, whose roots date back to 19th century Paris. In addition to classical training, her academic work includes a BA in Studio Art from Framingham University, Massachusetts, and further exploration of color and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

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