Marcia Madura Kozlowski

Marcia Madura Kozlowski

Artist Bio

"My childhood home was near Lake Michigan and the Indiana National Lakeshore.  The beauty of the Indiana Dunes was an inspiration and expressed in many of my plein air paintings. I grew up in the Big Band Era in a family ballroom business so my  world was encompassed with color, movement, dancing and art.  I was surrounded by designs of artwork flyers and promotional posters.

Paint and canvas encircled me with the advertising material and the decoration and decor of our ballroom.  Submersion in the world of hues and texture started for me as a young child. Creating paintings started in my teens, and even though my life was composed of family, college, and a teaching career, my passion for creating art was always a part of me.

I recall the lyrical music and magic of the dancers gliding on the dance floor with, mood lighting, and the lively rhythm and movement of dancers.  It was an atmosphere where people forgot their cares in a world of rhythm, color, lights, music and the art of dance.  These moments were imbedded in my being and this is the world that I create in my paintings.

Using different materials and mixed media I am able to layer the deep emotions of my youth.   In addition, my close family members were and are today in science and medicine and I am infused daily with these concepts.  I can’t help but bring science images into my work today.In my career of teaching children with learning disabilities I incorporated  art to address the kinesthetic mode of self expression which in turn gave my students self confidence to master necessary life skills.   I have a BS in education from Indiana University and a MS from Valparaiso University.

Always, my choice of elective courses centered on artistic expression.

Artist Statement

My art was also influenced by my traveling to Europe, Asia, Central American, Cuba, etc.

Retirement years took me to Naples.   There I enjoyed plein air painting and continued my work in oil, pastel, mixed media, watercolor and acrylic.  My first juried artwork at The Von Liebig Art Museum  was a mixed media piece entitled, “Heart Song.”   Several other pieces have been accepted at The Von Liebig and in the Members‘ Gallery and I have had exhibitions of my work at the West Wing Gallery of Naples Regional Library and the Norris Center.

I am a member of the Naples Art Assn, the Art Institute of Chicago and the United Arts Collier.  

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