Kelley Faulk

Kelley Faulk

Artist Bio

Since I was young my life has followed a structured path where I used my analytical left side of my brain to be successful in the business world.  When I went on vacation, my passion for photography would slowly tap into the creative right side of my brain.  However, a few days later, I was back to the analytical world.  For years, friends and family encouraged me to do something with my photography skills.

In 2006, I entered my first photo competition and won 2nd place with my “WWII D-Day Invasion-Thankful for What They Did for Us” black and white photo.  That gave me encouragement, but it was difficult to step away from a successful structured government service life.  With long work hours and a stressful commute, time was not on my side to see if photography could be a new venture for me.

I, like many others, reevaluated my life in 2021 and my husband and I took a leap of faith and moved to Naples.  We had vacationed here for nearly twelve years and called it “The Kauai of the Mainland.”

In June 2023, I entered the United Arts Collier, Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center Summer Exhibit and one of my two photos “The Beauty of Life Within” was selected to be placed on exhibit.

I hope you enjoy my photos and can connect with me in my leap of faith into this new life of photography.

Artist Statement

Life can pass us by quickly, and we fall into the “I will try it tomorrow.” In the blink of an eye tomorrow goes by and the next thing you know the years have flown by.  Start setting aside a few hours each month to focus on what energizes you and brings you peace.  You will never know what may happen until you put that time on the calendar like we do for other appointments and deadlines.

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