John Dodge
Specialty Photography

John Dodge


John started taking photos in the early 1980’s while traveling abroad. When he retired
in 2010, John began studying and practicing photography in earnest. Today his
photographic interests include landscape, wildlife, birds, lighthouses, aurora borealis
and occasionally event photography. John has attended various workshops and
seminars including one sponsored by National Geographic magazine led by Mark
Thiessen. He also enjoys participating in field trips with professional photographers in
various locations.

John is President of the Copper Country Associated Artists which is a community-based
art organization in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. CCAA encourages artistic
expression and helps artists to market their products through a member-operated Art
Gallery and the Eagle Harbor Art Fair.
John has exhibited his photos at the Natural Selections: Photography Annual Exhibition
at Rookery Bay Learning Center. In 2023, Bird with Attitude was featured in the April
issue of Gulfshore Life magazine. His photo Building the Nest was awarded third place
in the 2024 exhibit.

Artists Statement:

I am guided by the words of Ansel Adams, “There are always two people in every
picture: the photographer and the viewer.” I am always looking for photos that tell a
story or lead the viewer to question “what is going on in this photo?” I try to take
photos that resonate with me. When photographing wildlife and birds I try to capture
the unique habits and behavior of the species. Also, to keep my perspective in focus, I
remember another Ansel Adams quote: “Twelve significant photographs in any one year
is a good crop.”