Jo-Ann Sanborn
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Jo-Ann Sanborn

Artist Bio

Jo-Ann Sanborn‘s acrylic paintings focus on the Florida landscape. Her strongcompositions and uncommon colors bring simplicity and integrity to her work.

Artist Statement

In the Everglades the bold forms of the flora in sunshine and deep, mysterious forms in shadow invite artistic exploration.  As soon as I master the nuances of one view, the majesty of a cypress grove, a wind-riffled meadow in warm sunshine, or swirling clouds in a multitude of blues provide a new source of inspiration and challenge. Using established art principles to begin and my intuition as the work progresses, I paint the landscapes of Florida moving from abstraction to realism. My images are ancient and familiar, palms, prairie, water, and clouds. Through them, it is my fondest dream that one of my paintings will bring beauty and joy to your home, and that you will hear the voice of the Everglades through my work.

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