Galit Papanikolaou

Galit Papanikolaou


Galit Papanikolaou owner of NAPLES ART FACTORY by XTREME SIGNATURES.

Galit Papanikolaou is an artist, product designer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. She moved to Naples from the east coast of Florida where she and her husband Taz ran two mega-yacht marina facilities with over 180 employees.

Being in the yacht world for over 3-decades has garnered Galit with a vast experience and knowledge within the design and technical industry. Initially, Galit began creating elegant lazy Susan’s of various sizes, tiers, and finishes while lavishly composing unique tablescapes to entertain her mega yacht clientele. Her design products and step plates for yacht vessels are installed on hundreds of mega yachts throughout the world.

Having lived overseas and grew up traveling to Greece from Israel, art has always inspired and captivated Galit to create various home & garden products. From lazy Susan’s she is now expanding her line to swivel-server-side tables. Previously at Mercato, Galit had acquired a strong clientele based around her designs, what she likes to call, “Functional Art on Your Table,” and is known as “The Home of the Lazy Susan,” able to complement your interior or exterior space. 

To contact Galit for custom commissions, please see the below contact information: I I @naplesartfactory I.


Passion and love are key factors to creating any product or design. Understanding color theory, patterns, and
mixed media approaches can aid in the creation of something truly aesthetic and awe-inspiring. Making these
aesthetic creations functional yet alluring is a balance worth playing with. Galit Papanikolaou is one such individual who elegantly balances both aesthetics and functionality. Owner and designer of Naples Art Factory, Galit has become known as  “The Home of the Lazy Susan” for her unique blend of form and function. Her vibrant colors, reflective finishes and floral-inspired patterns offer each client a custom-designed art piece that is both beautiful and practical.

Galit grew up in the Mediterranean, living in Israel and often sailing to Greece and its surrounding islands. It’s
here where Galit developed her passion and love for the arts and beautiful landscapes. She often cites these
experiences or pattern-work as the root to her inspiration and ideation when creating. Applying color and integrating textures to various degrees, Galit interior designs her products to match any client’s interior or exterior spaces. Expanding her outreach into parties and fundraising events, Galit is now offering her portfolio of Lazy Susan creations, tablescapes, as well as scenic displays for rent to complement
any atmosphere or theme.