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Emily James

Artist Bio

A native Florida artist, Emily has received recognition of her talent through numerous awards and honors. She was selected as the official artist of the tournament for master golfers held in Georgia each Spring. Emily is the only artist in the United States selected by the top three fine art publishers, and two of her images have been among the top 50 selling prints worldwide. She has exhibited at the High Museum in Atlanta, and was selected as an Outstanding American Woman in the Arts. Emily is a signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society, accepted into Watercolor U.S.A., and featured in the book, The Best of Watercolor.

Artist Statement

I didn't decide to become an artist. I was born an artist. It has been a truly magical journey for so many years, so many paintings, and I am still spellbound as I watch an image unfold before my eyes.

My talent is a gift I was given, and I love to share artwork that takes the viewer to a special place and scene. Two of my favorite comments to hear are, "Your paintings mean so much to us," and "Your artwork brings me such happiness."

I love being a part of this wonderful process that unites me, the painter, with people that have also been blessed with the ability to perceive and appreciate the beauty in life.

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Emily James