Debbie Nelson
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Debbie Nelson

Artist Bio

Debbie W Nelson earned a BA Degree in History of Art from Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.

Debbie had a lifetime career as a wildlife conservationist, as C0-founder and C0-Director of  “Kangaroo Conservation Center”, which was a conservation park and educational facility North of Atlanta, Georgia until 2013. Her facility housed the largest collection of kangaroos outside of Australia in natural environments, as well as numerous other wildlife species from Africa, Asia and South America. She enjoyed the educational aspect of teaching the importance of conservation and introducing animal species on numerous television shows around the world. The Center was a long-time member of AZA, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and was a recipient of the “2002 International Conservation Award” from the Association for creating and supporting a safe wild habitat in Papua New Guinea for endangered tree kangaroos, as well as for the successful captive breeding of endangered Matschie’s Tree Kangaroos at her Center in Georgia. Her love of animals and support of effective wildlife conservation continues even though she no longer works in the field. She credits her wildlife paintings to showing the animal's personality, in a positive light due to her years of establishing close relationships with many animals of various species.

She was honored to be awarded 3rd place in the international Endangered Fine Art & Photography Competition in Miami, Florida, in December 2019 for her painting “Sarus Cranes”. Her art has been exhibited at festivals and competitions across South Florida. She chooses to exhibit at festivals in her home base, Florida, although her clients range across the USA.

Debbie grew up in Naples and returned in recent years to live here full-time. As an outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys the tropical environment for both fauna and flora.

Artist Statement

"Her painting style, done in fine acrylics, incorporates her love for and studies of wildlife, art, architecture, and landscapes. Her favorite focus is on wildlife art, a style sometimes bordering on whimsical realism, not a photograph recreated, but a representational image infused with a positive, uplifting spirit.  She incorporates the animals's personality and intelligence, based on years of working closely with  many species. It has an emphasis on color, whether light pastels or brilliant dark tones alternating with light that she uses to emphasize her subject. She studies her photos of many subjects and works on creating a special image in her mind, which she transfers to her canvas."

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