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Artist Bio

Dani Papanikolaou (or Papa for short) is a mixed media painter and sketchbook artist that explores saturation and line in a variety of forms, usually with nude figures as his vehicle for expression. Papa’s style and aesthetic is inspired by urban tribalism, Neo-Expressionism, abstraction, action painters, and street art, with an exploration in mark-making and color dissonance. As a live painting performer, Papa transcends improv to instinct with each canvas and practice.

Dani Papa has been an educator, mentor, and community leader for the past eight years while residing in southwest Florida. His long-term goals reside in continuing education, essentially branching off into the university realm and philanthropic efforts once Papa finishes his MFA in Painting online at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).

Artist Statement

Papa's love of portraiture and the human form stems from an interest in exploring the human psyche through abstraction and expression. He employs automatic drawing processes into his practices as a tool to help release his creative potential. Color is often bold, bright, and totally outrageous and unapologetic. This utilization of color adds another layer of complexity to his work, sparking emotional responses that are genuine and unfiltered.

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