Christy Noonan
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Christy Noonan

Artist Bio

Christy Noonan I think of myself as an abstract painter. My vision in painting is to bridge the physical forms in Nature with the formulas of movement and light on canvas.I studied Art at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and  later continued my formal studies through the N.Y. Studio school workshops, in Naples and with Hollis Jeffcoat, once Director of the Paris Division and founder of The Silver Tree School of Painting and Drawing.As an artist, “The need is for the connection to nature within ourselves; only then can we understand how to act towards nature outside ourselves.”

Artist Statement

Art is one of our oldest languages and painting is the means by which I can best convey my connection to the world and my purpose in it. I also have an innate curiosity about the abstract sciences.

In Nature there is a natural energy which carries within it, all possibilities of creation and invention. Learning to harness this energy is been my greatest quest.The bridging of physical form with the energies that carry within their currents, the formulas of movement and light are the challenges that I am faced with in each painting.

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