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Austin Bell

Artist Bio

Austin Bell is an award-winning museum curator, author, and photographer. A Florida native, Austin enjoys capturing the beauty of his home state, typically on film using vintage cameras that are older than he is.

Austin is the Curator of Collections for the Marco Island Historical Society, a Consulting Scholar to the Penn Museum, and the founder and owner of Florida Man Photography. He enjoys blending his passions for history, nature, and photography in a way that he hopes will inspire appreciation and reflection.

His photography has been exhibited throughout Florida and has won awards at the Marco Island Center for the Arts, the A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery, and the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center. In September 2023, Austin debuted a solo exhibition at the Marco Island Center for Arts, titled “Re:Location,” which featured double-exposed black-and-white film prints of some of Marco Island’s most historic places.

Artist Statement

I seldom feel more satisfaction than when I've successfully given new life to something old.

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