Arlen Smith
Specialty Painting, Photography

Arlen Smith

Artist Bio

Arlen Smith is a Nicaraguan American artist born in 1984. Based in Ave Maria, she strives to capture the natural environment with unprecedented moments captured in time. She studied Photography and Fine Arts at Florida International University where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Master in the Art of Teaching. Arlen has taught Art and Photography for eleven years across South Florida. Her landscape work encompasses vibrant colors and textures that change moment to moment. Arlen paints subjects that include landscapes, animals, and portraits. Her medium of choice is oil, watercolors, and photography. Ultimately, the work of the great impressionists inspires her art, and she hopes to communicate her artistic voice through her paintings.

Artist Statement

Since childhood, I have found a connection with the visual arts. My art represents colors and textures found in the natural environment. With my studies in academic art education, my roots are established in Impressionism. Through portraiture and landscape painting, I strive to express the likeness of a subject. Ultimately, lighting and color are emphasized in my artwork to create a scenic moment that establishes the true essence of my artistic concept. A favorite medium of mine is oil paint, watercolor, and photography. I currently live and teach art in Ave Maria, Florida.

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