Amanda G. Whitaker
Specialty Painting, Ink, Pastels, Thread

Amanda G. Whitaker

Artist Bio

Amanda studied English at Southwestern A/G University. Art was always in the back of her mind, but it didn’t seem to be a realistic option. While publishing books with a curriculum company was exciting, the need to create something different was too great to ignore.

After reading countless books, studying techniques, watching documentaries on everything from the old masters to modern artists, it was time to try her hand at painting. She found art making exhilarating and mesmerizing.

She began selling artwork in 2021 and made finalist in the 2023 Camelback Gallery Competition.

Artist Statement

Amanda Whitaker is an abstract, contemporary, visual artist. She specializes in paper art incorporating paint, inks, pastels, and thread. The uniqueness of her art comes from the combination of bold colors, organic lines, and mixed media elements.

Adding a little beauty to the world has always been her goal. By fusing different mediums together to create something new, Amanda hopes to bring a sense of wonder and contemplation to the everyday.

You can view her online gallery, say hello, and see the latest projects at

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