Art lovers, take note: Naples, FL is an art exhibits paradise. With a rich and vibrant heritage, this small city has a slew of first-rate museums and exceptional galleries just waiting for you to explore.

Naples will satisfy almost any art lover. It presents an impressive array of artistic styles ranging from classical to contemporary and mediums that encompass everything from sculpture and painting to digital art and photography. What’s more, the city harbors artists who tackle all genres: not just landscape and still life but also portraiture, caricature, and more. The city gathers to enjoy astonishing pieces from artists who have made a name for themselves throughout the art world. The diverse shows often include works of unparalleled excellence from artists both near and far. One common factor of Naples events is the level of engagement that they often achieve. Interactivity is almost a given when it comes to this sort of happening, and the magnitude to which the audiences get to participate is hardly matched by any other kind of public gathering. The groups of people are effectively part of the piece they see, can often talk directly with the artists involved, and can sometimes take part in a real hands-on demonstration that gives them some inkling of the staggering amount of meticulous work that has to go into this variety of art.

Art exhibitions in Naples are often part of big cultural events and festivals. Cultural events have a merry “going out” feel and are magnets for “big event” crowds, especially when they are part of festivals. In the very center of Naples, there is a vibrant and daring nexus of creativity known as the Naples Art District. This extraordinarily fertile neighborhood is home to all manner of artists and art aficionados. Galleries of all types—working studios and art schools—can be found within the district. As for the art itself, one can find everything here from contemporary masterpieces to traditional works in oil and other media. Artis—Naples is an esteemed cultural center that hosts a variety of phenomenal exhibits featuring a vast array of artists throughout the entire year. Sometimes exhibitions are held in perfect places, like the Baker Museum and in outdoor spaces close to the beach or inside tropical gardens. The Baker Museum is world-renowned and the reason so many of the artistic works of Naples, Florida, hold an international presence. With a collection that stretches far into the establishment of Artis—Naples, it not only focuses on nonspecific art movements, but also the works of those artists associated with Naples in some way.

A lot of Naples’s art exhibits don’t just get funded — they do the funding. By that, I mean a good number of the exhibits that take place here are actually underwritten by the organizations that will receive the money, should the exhibit’s beneficiary sell any of its art. For example, when you buy a photo or a painting from the Naples Photography Collective or any of its beneficiaries, you’re actually benefiting them twice — supporting the art itself and the organizations it’s produced under. Additionally, the city of Naples strongly supports its local art community, providing numerous opportunities for the talented artists who live and work there to connect with the public.

Besides these factors, the lovely natural environment of Naples and its lively cultural scene also make it attractive to art lovers. A strong identity results from a thrilling arts scene. Art exhibits give local artists a chance to present their work, get noticed, and perhaps get linked with galleries or collectors. It’s not only the artists who benefit from such a vibrant culture; the local community thrives as all other vibrant communities do.  From the contemporary art that can be found in a variety of venues to the pristine public art that graces Naples streets and gardens, the area offers a wide variety of visual delights. No wonder the Naples area is called the “Art Coast.”