AEP6 Collier County

We want to thank each and every guest for joining us for the AEP6 Study Reveal! Special thanks to John Melleky, Arts & Cultural Manager for Collier County, Commissioner Dan Kowal, all our elected officials, arts organizations, artists, supporters, volunteers, attendees, & interconnected Collier community! We are so grateful for your interest in and support of the arts and how they make an important difference in Collier County. 


According to our survey, 86% of people in Collier say arts and culture is “important to their community’s quality of life and livability.”


AEP6 is the sixth economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry in the U.S. This study is conducted approximately every five years to gauge the economic impact (on employment, government revenue, and household income) of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and the event-related spending by their audiences.

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Total spending by the nonprofit arts and culture industry:




Total spending by arts and culture organizations:


Total spending by arts and culture audiences:


When people attend a cultural event, they often make an outing of it—dining at a restaurant, shopping, paying for parking or public transportation, enjoying dessert after the show, and staying in a hotel, or returning home to pay for child or pet care. Of the $45 million total spending by audiences in Collier County, 40.9% of attendees are nonlocal visitors who traveled from outside Collier County; they spend an average of $40.15. Additionally, 45.1% of nonlocal attendees reported, “This arts event is the primary purpose for my trip.”

Total Tax Revenue



Local (City and County)






You may wonder, how do nonprofits generate tax revenue when they are tax exempt organizations? Like all employers, nonprofit arts and culture organizations they pay payroll taxes (e.g., Social Security, Medicare) and their employees pay income taxes on their personal earnings. In addition, other local businesses are likely to pay taxes on goods they sell and services they provide to nonprofits.

In Collier County, spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations generated a total of $29.4 million in local (that’s city and county), state, and federal tax revenues. 

Personal Income Paid to Residents


1,948 job supported

1,526 volunteers

46,770 volunteer hours ($1.4 million value)

 Arts and culture organizations provide employment for more than just the artists and arts administrators, they employ staff for box offices, ushers, tour guides, custodians, web and graphic designers, accountants, printers, maintenance, plumbers, builders, and varied occupations spanning many industries.

Resident Household Income includes salaries, wages, and entrepreneurial income paid to residents. It is the money individuals earn personally and then use to pay for food, mortgages, and other living expenses infused back into our community.

“AEP6 reminds us that vibrant arts and cultural assets exist in every corner of the country. The data paints a vivid picture of how the arts enhance our community prosperity and our residents’ quality of life. By supporting and investing in the arts, counties play an important role in strengthening our communities today and for generations to come. We appreciate our partnership with Americans for the Arts, especially as we continue to demonstrate the value of our artistic and cultural endeavors.”

-Hon. Mary Jo McGuire, National Association of Counties Commissioner, Ramsey County, MN

“Mayors understand the connection between the arts industry and city revenues. Arts activity creates thousands of direct and indirect jobs and generates billions in government and business revenues. The arts also make our cities destinations for tourists, help attract and retain businesses, and play an important role in the economic revitalization of cities and the vibrancy of our neighborhoods.”

-Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve, President, the United States Conference of Mayors

“City planners know the tremendous power of art and creativity in the built environment. For the planning profession, artists and culture bearers are key allies in our work: they help us shape resilient, livable, and equitable places. This is why the Arts & Planning Division of the American Planning Association advances a network across the fields of planning and the arts. And this is why we value the AEP6 and its data-driven, place-based approach. We know it will have a strong impact for our members and our shared work.”

-Annis Sengupta, Chair, the Arts & Planning Division of the American Planning Association

A big thank you to our participating Organizations!

Art League of Marco Island


Collier Community Foundation

Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Golisano Children’s Museum Of Naples

Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce

Gulfshore Playhouse

Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center

Marco Island Center for the Arts

Naples Art Association

Naples Botanical Garden

Naples Community Orchestra

Naples Concert Band

Naples Porcelain Artists

Naples Zoo

Seraphic Fire (Collier programming)

The Naples Players

The Studio Players


United Arts Collier