American for the Arts (AEP 6) & United Arts Collier Study


Americans for the Arts is conducting their sixth AEP Study – known as AEP6. Conducted approximately every five years, communities around the U.S. work to collect data that gauges the economic impact of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and the event-related spending by their audiences. United Arts Collier, our local arts organization, is collecting this data for Collier County and the Naples, Marco Island, Everglades CVB is assisting with this endeavor. This data is important as it underscores the value and importance of local arts and culture organizations within our community. Your organizations create jobs, increase commerce for local businesses and services, and serve as an accelerator for tourism. Arts travelers are model tourists as they stay longer and spend more in their quest for authentic, cultural experiences.


Individual surveys that are currently being collected are either paper hard copies or via a QR code. As you plan your events and activities for the upcoming season, please consider ways the survey can be incorporated into your marketing and partnership efforts. Increasing opportunities to measure your economic impact will benefit your organization as well as the entire County. United Arts Collier has volunteers that can help conduct surveys at your events so feel free to reach out to them to request assistance.

You can download and print the QR code survey so attendees can complete it while on site. Paper surveys must be collected and delivered to the Arts and Culture Manager at the CVB, or to United Arts Collier. The QR code surveys are sent automatically to Americans for the Arts.

As an organization of Collier County, we hope we can pull together as a community to conduct these surveys at your events!